This is an ordinary Ovenvas 9 installation on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

This uses the superb ppa by Mohammad Razavi at

Do this on a newly installed VM or iron. But when you installed this, I do not guarantee that is plays nice with anything other on that box.

And this is “a works for me” documentation, and perhaps not for you :) If you have any suggestions or questions pls ask in the comments.

[Update 2017-12-28 added some debs that makes it possible to do credential based scan on Windows scans..]

Lets start

Begin with an update of the repos.

sudo apt update; sudo apt -y dist-upgrade; sudo apt -y autoremove; sudo reboot

Install ppa repo

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:mrazavi/openvas
sudo apt update

Install the packages from the repo.

sudo apt install -y \
    texlive-latex-extra \
    texlive-latex-base \
    texlive-latex-recommended \
sudo apt install -y \
    sqlite3 \
    openvas9 \
    libopenvas9 \
    smbclient \
    alien \
    bzip2 \
    curl \
    dnsutils \
    libopenvas9-dev \
    net-tools \
    nmap \
    nsis \
    openssh-client \
    rpm \
    rsync wget

# Configuring openvas9-scanner

Set an interesting password for the default admin user.

sudo openvasmd --user=admin --new-password=super_secret_password


sudo greenbone-scapdata-sync --verbose  
sudo greenbone-certdata-sync --verbose  
sudo greenbone-nvt-sync --verbose  
sudo openvasmd --rebuild --progress --verbose  

If you want to see what happens in another window.

watch "ps -ef | grep openvassd| grep -v grep"

If you want to connect to GSA from another computer.

vim /etc/default/openvas-gsa

sudo apt-get install Uncomment #LISTEN_ADDRESS=“”

sudo service openvas-gsa restart

Then browse top https://a.b.c.d:4000
User: admin
Passwd: super_secret_password

And at last do not forget your well earned Coffee.