This is an ordinary Ovenvas 9 installation on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Like or

This is “a works for me” documentation, and perhaps not for you :) If you have any suggestions or questions pls ask in the comments.

This could be used for a team that shares scans and reports. The thing is that I have only found to share this I use the Super Admin roles.
This is not by any stretch optimal, but at least you can share your scans among your peers this way.

Lets start

Start with creating a new Super Admin on the console.

sudo openvasmd --create-user=super-admin --role="Super Admin"
sudo openvasmd --user=super-admin --new-password=ultrasupersecretpassword

Then create the other “Admins” the same way. (sadly I use super-admins here too.)

sudo openvasmd --create-user=cool-user01 --role="Super Admin"
sudo openvasmd --user=cool-user01 --new-password=notherultrasupersecretpassword

sudo openvasmd --create-user=cool-user02 --role="Super Admin"
sudo openvasmd --user=cool-user02 --new-password=anotherultrasupersecretpassword

What I really wished that I understood is how to make, Admins that can create and automagically share reports, tasks and notes with observers. But this works for a smaller group of users, where there exists a common ground of trust to be admins :)

If you know a better way than this, and it certainly is, pls send in a comment below…

And at last do not forget your well earned Coffee.